How to Use Bcmon & Reaver APK For Wifi Hacking

Wifi hacking is considered to be a complicated thing which only professional hackers can do. However, you can easily hack a Wifi network even with your Android device. Although there are better chances in case, you use a PC for Wifi hacking, but Android devices can serve the purpose as it is solely based on a LINUX kernel. There are lots of applications and tools available on the market, but unfortunately, most of the tools that promise single tap Wifi hacking are fake. One of the best methods to hack Wifi passwords is to use Bcmon and Reaver APK For Wifi Hacking. Therefore, in this article, I will guide you on How to Use Bcmon & Reaver APK For Wifi Hacking.

What is Bcmon?

You can use Bcmon app to enable monitor mode on your Android device. Monitor mode provides the Android device authority to connect and manipulate a Wireless network. Later you can also use the device to connect to an access point. You just have to make sure that your Android device is rooted as Bcmon app works only on rooted Android devices. You can download Bcmon app APK from the link below-

Download Bcmon APK Here

What is Reaver?

If you want to use the Bcmon app, then you have to install Reaver app to complete the Wifi hacking process. Reaver app is a guide application for Android devices featuring monitor mode. You can use Reaver app to automatically detect WPS enables Wifi routers. Reaver application has a simple user interface. You can easily use the application even if you do not have much idea about codes. All you have to do is to single tap on the screen to enable and disable monitor mode. You can download Reaver app APK from the link below-

Download Reaver APK Here

Just make sure that you have enables installation from Unknown Sources on your Android


How to hack WPA and WPA2 ( WPS enabled) Wifi?

WPA or Wireless Protected Access is the most commonly used Wifi security method in Wifi routers. However, unfortunately, it has some serious security holes. So to terminate these issues in the year 2006 WPA2 or WPA v2 was released. WPA2 does not use Temporal Key Integrity a protocol which makes it more secure. You can use the steps below to hack a WPA and WPA2 Wifi network-

1. You need to install the Bcmon and Reaver App on your rooted smartphone.

2. Although Bcmon app may crash several times to configure the hardware still

you need to try 4-5 times.

3. Once the app starts running, you will get notification to install few add-ons before you

enable the monitor mode.

4. When you run the Reaver app, it will automatically detect the available access points.

5. Make sure that Automatic Settings is active and monitor mode is on.

6. Then from the list of available networks, you need to select the network you want to

hack and click on Start Attack.

7. Once the process initiates, it will take a maximum of 10-12 hrs to hack a WiFi


8. However, sometimes this method may not work if the Wifi router is incompatible and is not

based on WPS method.


How To Hack WEP WiFi ?

WEP or Wired Equivalent Privacy was developed for 802.11 wireless networks in 1997.

WEP algorithm provides a more secure data transfer over the wireless network. However, you can

also, hack WEP by following these steps-

1. You have to run the Bcmon app and click on Run Bcmon terminal.

2. You will find it similar to the Linux terminal.

3. In the terminal, you need to type airodump-ng.

4. A new window will appear in which you have to type airodump-ng wlan0 and press

Enter key.

5. Then you have to open Reaver and copy Access Point name, MAC address and

Broadcasting channel of the Wifi network.

6. Then in the terminal type airodump-ng -c channel# –bssid MAC address -w

outputfile ath0 command replacing MAC address, #channel with MAC address and

Broadcasting channel and Press Enter to start collecting packets.

7. After a collection of more than 20,000, type aircrack-ng outputfile*.cap in

the terminal and press Enter.

The process will start, and once the Wifi password is hacked, you will get a success message. Note – The Wifi password will be in a Hexadecimal form.

Final Verdict

The article is only for educational purpose and does not promote any unethical measures. I hope, I helped you through this article, If you have any query, you can comment down below.

Top Apps To Hack Wi-Fi Password

Wi-Fi hacking is considered as one of the most trickiest job in the tech world. But with the advancement in technology, wifi hacking has become a lot easier. There are several wifi hacking applications available on android for this task now. These applications will hack wifi passwords with a very nearly 100% exactness. All the applications depend on GUI (Graphical User Interface) interface that essentially implies you don’t have to take in a coding to break wifi security.

Hand Picked Android Applications to break Wi-Fi Password :

WiFi Hacker Professional

With WiFi Hacker Professional android application you dont need to be professional developer. Simply use this application to hack the password of your wifi.

Wifi Kill

Wifi Kill is a very easy to use app which allows you to kill all the connected devices to the wifi network. You can use this app to block the internet access of other devices connected to your wifi network.

Download Wifi Kill

Also check Reaver APK and BCMON APK for wifi hacking. Also, check this article for hack.

WiFi Password Breaker

This android application helps you break the secret word of any open wifi network. It further gives you another password of that system which you attempted to crack.

Download Wifi Password Breaker

Wifi Inspect

WiFinspect is not a hacking tool but a security audit tool. The app is intended for advanced users to monitor the networks they have permission for. This is  a must try application.

All these apps are really easy to use. You can use any of them to hack any wifi network. Do leave your comments below for any queries or doubts.