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Reaver APK

Reaver APK for android also known as RfA, is one of the most popular Wi-Fi hacking tools. It is very useful software that can be used to control any Internet connection. Assume that you are at some place and you don’t have an Internet connection neither you have a working network. In such a situation, Reaver for android will help you in hacking the nearest network and give you the key of that network. This software was initially made to work only with tablet devices. But after a few updates and with newer versions coming up, it is now available for all Android devices including smartphones. All you need to do is install the reaver APK for Android from this website and get going. Whenever you wish to use this software for cracking any network, just open the app from your mobile and it will automatically start searching for the nearest network. Reaver is also known as RfA in short and is developed by tactical network solutions.

Reaver App is capable of cracking any network, be it WPA or WPA2. There are very few software of this kind that are capable of cracking the WPA2 network and reaver is one of them. This software does not start working as soon as you install it, neither is it not going to give you the crack key immediately. This software needs to gather the network key and it will take about 8 hours approximately. Once these 8 hours have passed by and reaver has gathered the network key, you will receive a notification from reaver app with the crack key of the network that you mentioned when you started using the software.

Reaver App Download For Android

The internal working of reaver apk is not so easy to understand. This software is more like a brute-force attack against the 8 digits of the pin with 104+103 Possibilities. Reaver APK will be able to unveil the actual WPA2 key of a lot of routers and networks within about 2 to 10 hours of time. Though it is not very simple software to understand but it is a very simple app to use. You do not have to know any kind of coding for using this simple app. Once you have received the cracked key on your mobile, you can easily control the device and can set up a password for the same.

The reaver APK has a lot of versions since it was built. With each version, something better has come up and the app has developed a lot. In this article, we are providing you with the latest version of the reaver APK for downloading on your smartphone. Using this app you will be able to hack any network connection. For this, all you have to do is just download this software with the help of the APK link provided below. It is a one click download and a very simple procedure to follow. Moreover, it is totally free of cost. There are still a lot of features that are yet to be implemented in this amazing app and development of this app is being continuously done with a lot more features being added with each development.

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Reaver is an off shelf app. Like most of the Linux, applications reaver is also the most current and up to date authority app for hacking Wi-Fi. It is also one of the best app protectors that protects your device and its privacy.

Reaver APK is a very simple to use Reaver GUI for Android devices with mode monitor support. One thing to remember is that reaver works only on rooted devices with bcm4329/4330 Wi-Fi chipset. Also known as RfA, it is an easy to use the app with bcmon support. This app has many excellent features and can also detect automatically WPS enabled routers. All the settings and features of reaver are accessible from a simple to use GUI.

Reaver APK For Android Features

Reaver is one of the most amazing apps that enables you to hack any Wi-Fi connection and use it for free. Each version of reaver comes with new features every time. Moreover, you will not need to have any coding experience or extra knowledge in order to use this software. It is very simple to understand and use. Once you get the access to any Wi-Fi nearby, you can control the password and other settings of the device. The amazing search feature of this app helps you to find almost all and any kind of Wi-Fi devices around you. Below I am going to list a few of the amazing features of this app.

Reaver APK Features:

  • Automatically detects WPS enabled routers
  • Automatically activates and deactivates monitor mode
  • Detects all the Wi-Fi connections near you
  • Gives you full control of any Wi-Fi device
  • Collects GUI network for all showing devices
  • All settings accessible from a simple to use GUI
  • External script support
  • Provides a simple way to connect once the WPA key is found
  • Wi-Fi chipset
  • 100% working reaver GUI
  • Connects to Wi-Fi network automatically
  • Provides an easy way to use any network
  • Easy installation and use
  • Amazing search feature
  • Only a few clicks to access any Wi-Fi network
  • No knowledge of coding required for using the app
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Reaver App Free Download

Reaver APK’s permission from the APK file:

Listed below are a few of the permissions from the APK file of reaver.  This APK allows applications to:

  • Open network software
  • Access the vibrator
  • Access information about networks
  • Modification of Telephony State
  • To update device statistics
  • Modification of power on
  • To change Wi-Fi connectivity state
  • To access information about Wi-Fi networks
  • Modification of mmi etc.
  • Can be stored on external storage
  • Can be read from external storage

Reaver APK Bcmon Compatibility

As we all know that reaver is a pen-testing tool that attacks WPS enabled router and cracks their pin. Once the WPS pin is cracked, it retrieves the actual WPA key. Reaver basically provides a terminal interface which can be easily worked upon tablets but could be difficult to be used with smartphones. Also, reaver needs monitor mode to work upon. To resolve this issue and make all the Android devices monitor mode capable, we will have to make use of bcmon support. Bcmon is more like an external Wi-Fi Card.

Another important thing to know is that reaver works only on rooted devices. So if your device is not rooted yet, you will first have to root it.

As a solution to these problems, we can use bcmon support. Reaver or RfA should work on all bcmon supported devices. So before installing reaver, you will have to install bcmon on your Android devices. But there is nothing to worry, in case anything goes wrong you can simply reboot your device and everything will be fixed.

Reaver APK Free Download

You can download the latest and updated version of reaver using the APK file given below. Once you receive the APK file from the link below, you can install the APK on your device. This is an original APK file and is safe to download. It is free of any kind of virus. The installation process of the reaver APK is very simple. The process of downloading and installing the APK is provided in detail.

Reaver For Android Free Download

  • Download the reaver APK file from the link above
  • Save it on the internal memory or SD card of your device
  • Go to settings> security> unknown sources and enable this option in order to install the app from external links
  • Now, go to file manager and extract it from the folder it is saved in
  • Run the setup by clicking on ‘OK’
  • Click on ‘Install’ and install the APK
  • Once the installation is complete, click on finish
  • The download reaver apk is successfully completed
  • Now, go to the app drawer of your device
  • Locate the reaver app and click on the icon to open it

In case you want to make your smartphone monitor mode capable with the support of bcmon, you will have to download and install Bcmon monitor mode android apk before installing reaver APK. For this, follow the steps given below

Downloading And Installing Bcmon For Android:

Download BCMON APK

  • Download the bcmon apk from the link above
  • Sometimes reaver APK might also download Bcmon automatically
  • Once the bcmon download is complete, try to run it
  • In case it crashes, try one more time
  • Once it starts running, download and install reaver or RfA APK (refer above)
  • Once the RfA app is installed completely, start the app
  • Select any WPS-enabled router and click on test monitor mode
  • If this is done successfully, the reaver app is ready to use
  • Do not uninstall bcmon

The installation of Reaver APK is successfully completed. Now, you can start hacking Wi-Fi that you wish to and have access to Wi-Fi anywhere you go. You can also explore the various amazing features that this app has to offer.


Reaver for Android is an amazing app that gives you access to any Wi-Fi network that you wish to use anywhere. Having this app makes your life all the more easy and enjoyable with Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere you go. Hope this article might have helped in Reaver APK free download for android. You can download the latest version of Reaver APK for your Android device from the link provided here. Once it is downloaded, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi connection and all the other benefits of this app for free.